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Decontamination of aqueous waste from Industry Practical, cost effective removal of Fats,
Oils and Grease (FOG)
Easy to maintain
Much lower Opex than chemical coagulation + DAF
High reliability
Potential to significantly reduce water use on site

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The photo shows the post-treatment stream after treatment by KTL electrocoagulation and Nijhuis DAF.

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Bespoke, on-site decontamination solutions for industrial waste water

Kemartek’s electro-chemical activation technology offers a cost-effective alternative to the use of metal salts or polymers and poly-electrolyte addition for breaking stable emulsions and suspensions.

The technology removes metals, colloidal solids and particles, and soluble inorganic pollutants from aqueous waste streams by introducing highly charged polymeric metal hydroxide species.

These species neutralize the electrostatic charges on suspended solids and oil droplets to facilitate agglomeration / coagulation and the resultant separation from the aqueous phase.



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Representative Results

Results demonstrating contaminant removal, as determined by independent certified laboratories, are set out below (all values are ‘parts per million’ - ppm). [TSS = Total Suspended Solids; TPH = Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons; FOG = Fats, Oils and Greases and COD = Chemical Oxygen Demand].

29th November 2011

Parameters Before After Reduction
SS 600 180 70.0%
SS 500 190 62.0%
BOD 661 347 47.5%
BOD 672 326 51.5%
COD 5,590 1,630 71.0%
COD 8,670 4,020 54.0%

30th November 2011

Parameters Before After Reduction
SS 320 160 50.0%
SS 240 200 16.7%
BOD 733 408 44.3%
BOD 750 364 51.5%
COD 31,300 4,700 85.0%
COD 2,530 470 81.0%

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